Westec: Heavy duty connectors

Westec offers a wide range of Multipole Connectors which, together with a series of complementary products, offer a complete solution for connections required in industrial applications.

Our experience in industrialization together with our efficient  production process, guarantee the excellent quality and reliability of our products. On top of that, we offer a great availability of our stock to provide our customers with an effective proposal in terms of product and service.


  • Designed and tested in accordance with the latest international standards
  • Suitable for worldwide markets, both European and American Standard Systems
  • Innovative design with ergonomic round shape
  • Not losable screws
  • Contact's screws in stainless steel as standard
  • Monoblock metal levers for anti-ageing and no breaks
  • Riveted pegs in stainless steel on hoods, housings and covers to avoid corrosion, breaking and losing IP protection
  • Fully compatible with other products available on the market
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available from stock

For more information visit us at: www.westec.it

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