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From seniors bike to trendy lifestyle product

The E-bike has gotten rid of its dusty image and is clearly on its way to become today’s most trendy vehicle. The standard E-bike has been reinvented and has received the company of speed pedelecs, scroosers, E-MTB’s, electric kids bikes etc. Also the government is giving the healthy and environmental friendly E-bike a serious push in the back by offering fiscal advantages. Europe has benefitted greatly from development. In 2015 alone, European E-bike sales rose by 26,5%. This is promising for the years to come!

Demand for more & customized E-bike connectors grows

As the distribution specialist in E-bike connectors, A&C Solutions is increasingly receiving requests for customized connectors. We see that ever more E-bikes are developing their own system. Of course they expect connectors to fit with each unique design.

A&C Solutions also sees a growing demand for more connectors on E-bikes. This has been so some extent the result of the continuous introduction of new gadgets and technical novelties for E-bikes. Think of for example horns and automatic gear switching systems. Also legislation is becoming stricter and sets clear standards as to which functionalities an E-bike must provide for. After the introduction of the brake- and numberplate lighting law, there are still some measures on the way for the new legislation 2018. These ask for even more data transmission and therefore more connectors with a higher number of poles. Together with Higo, A&C Solutions anticipates by already initiating the development of connectors that offer valuable solutions for these new measures.

Close to European developers

The challenge is up to the E-bike engineer to unify the design with the growing number of technical requirements. A&C Solutions works closely together with these engineers. Being a European distributor of connector manufacturer Higo, we can draw from a complete range of E-bike connectors for the entire E-bike system. Though in many cases tailor made connector solutions are necessary. That’s when we notice that a European partner with connector & assembly expertise is important for engineers to translate their needs into the right connector and cable specifications.

Production back to Europe

With today’s higher dollar rate, many E-bike manufacturers are rethinking their long and cumbersome supply chain. From different angles already, decisions have been made to bring production back to Europe in order to accelerate the flexibility and speed-to-market. As a stock keeping distributor, A&C Solutions perfectly matches this trend. We are equipped to provide E-bike parties quickly with connectors anywhere in Europe.

Altogether, a lot is happening in the E-bike market. A&C Solutions is ready to think along with you as to how and which E-bike connectors support your innovative plans in the best way.

Efficient cable management with Higo splitter

On the one hand, we integrate more cables and connectors on an E-bike to realise the increasing number of connections between motor, battery, controller and display. On the other hand, we see a clear trend towards more clean and minimalistic bike designs. Cables and connectors don’t really fit this picture. Preferably, they are kept out of sight.

E-bike connector brand Higo has come up with a smart solution that unifies both tendencies into one cable connector series, the 630 Y-splitter:

  • One of its main strengths is its slim figure. With a diameter of only 9mm, the circular splitter perfectly fits an E-bike frame
  • The Higo Y-splitter is also a good match when you want to limit the number of cables on your E-bike. You can easily combine more connections into one splitter and connect them through one cable to the controller unit at the back.
  • The cone shape of the Y-splitter has been replaced with a circular shape that includes a special notch. This will make it easy for you to attach the splitter cable to the E-bike.

The Higo 630 cable splitter series is available in TPU and has a cable diameter of 2,4mm.

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Take a look at the production site of E-bike connector manufacturer Higo

This video allows you to take a look behind the scenes of Higo and shows you the production process of the various E-bike connectors.


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