Higo expands manufacturing facilities in China

06 June 2019

Suzhou, China - Leading E-mobility connector manufacturer Higo expands its production facilities with 8 new buildings located in the Yancheng city, China. This large expansion provides Higo with an extra production area of 32.000m2 and allows them to create 250 new jobs. Its current office in Changshu already employs 500 people. By the end of 2020, Higo will have 1.000 employees dedicated to the worldwide production and sales of waterproof connectors. Total control of supply...

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A&C Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Daitron low-noise power supplies in the Benelux

12 April 2019

Per April 1st, A&C Solutions will be the exclusive distributor for Daitron’s low-noise AC/DC power supplies in the Benelux. With this specific range of power supplies, Daitron targets a niche market of measuring instruments and medical devices with high precision. A market that’s served by A&C Solutions already for years. Increasing demand for higher precision and smaller devices The addition of Daitron’s low noice power supplies to the range offers A&C Solutions a...

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Adels AC 164 now comes with ENEC and UL approval

16 November 2018

The next generation installation connector range has now been certified with the ENEC and the UL approval. These 2 to 5 pole components and matching cables comply with the stringent requirements of EN 61535 and are very compact. Little brother of well-know AC 166® range The Adels AC164 series is only half the size of its “big brother” AC166® but still offers the same advantages for flexible installations. Thanks to the small dimensions this “plug & play” solution...

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Connecting luminaires quickly & flawlessly with Adels LCS75 waterproof connector

13 November 2018

The LCS75 connector is a waterproof solution (IP66) specifically designed for outdoor lighting in for example parking garages, industrial buildings, cold rooms etc. By integrating the LCS75 connector into the luminaire upfront, the manufacturer is assured that the luminaire itself remains sealed during installation. Also the installer benefits from this as he only needs to connect the cable from the outside. This saves substantial installation time and costs. Also the chance...

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Delta Adds 240W and 480W models within DIN Rail power supply series CliQ III

31 October 2018

Delta Electronics has added a 24V 240W and a 24V 480W output to the high power density CliQ III series of DIN rail power supply. It concerns the DRP-24V240W1CAN and the DRP-24V480W1CAN. Wide temperature range The special feature of these new high power density models is that they have a wide temperature range going from -25°C to +70°C, providing full power up to +60°C. With the built-in active PFC, the units can successfully start up at extremely low temperatures of...

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Ilme CQ07 compact, powerful, flexible

14 September 2018

The new CQ 07 crimp connection insert is specifically developed for railways and robotics applications. It combines a high electrical performance with a 400V rated voltage, a 6kV rated impulse withstand voltage with the advantages of a flexible application, as it can be used with different contact types (gold, silver and tin plated) and can be mounted in all the main enclosure series. Flexibility in use is granted by the PE contact with screw terminal which allows the CQ07...

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Delta CLIQ M 1440W in a compact DIN-Rail housing

05 June 2018

Delta Electronics has added a new 24V/40A output to the CliQ M series of DIN rail power supply. The CliQ M series has the highest power density among the CliQ family and is also the first series in the CliQ family to feature Advanced Power Boost (APB). APB works to protect the system by ensuring continuous operation when a large inrush current is detected due to faulty load on a multiple load connection. Because of the DNV GL label and the coated PCB’s, this series is...

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Plastic T-type Hygienic offers F&B industry ultimate hygiene at an economical price

15 February 2018

Ilme has expanded her new generation lightweight T-type series with a special Hygienic version. The T-type hygienic has especially been developed for the spray area within the food and beverage industry. It complies with the stringent demands (DIN EN 1672-2) that are made in this industry. They are, among others, resistant to aggressive cleaning detergents and disinfectants (ECOLAB tested) and high pressure cleaning (IP66 and IP69K). The bolts and gaskets have a blue color...

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Easy to connect with Ilme SQUICH® inserts

20 December 2017

The 4.0 era is not just about data communication. It also revolves around increased efficiency through time saving solutions. On the one hand, time can be saved by organising your production process more efficiently by a well-coordinated intercommunication. On the other hand, time can also be saved by optimizing your installation process. With the innovative connection technology SQUICH® for inserts, connector manufacturer Ilme offers a perfect solution in this field. UP TO...

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Now also easy plug & play solution with current distributor from Techno

07 November 2017

Techno is about to launch the TH624 plug & play version of its popular current distributor. Because of this is no longer needed to open the junction box to connect everything. With cables that are made to measure upfront, the installer can easily plug in everything. This solution is especially developed for the quick maintainance of big projects in public lighting. After all, a lamp is replaced in no time. The TH624 offers an IP68 protection and is available in both a 4 and...

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New Binder 693 RD24 is ideal for use in applications with wide range of cable outlets

18 October 2017

Binder further completes its power connector range with the introduction of the new 693 RD24 connector with variable cable outlet. The new 693 RD24 connector can now handle cables with an outside diameter of 6 up to 17mm which makes it ideal for applications that work with various cables of different dimensions. Where previously 4 connectors were needed to cover all cable outlets from 6 to 14mm within one single application, the same can now be realized with only one...

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Techno launches smallest IP68 screw connector

30 September 2017

The latest addition to the Techno connector range is the TH381 micronnect connector. With a cross-section of only 14 mm, the TH381 connector is even more compact than its 23mm “big” brother, the TH387 plug & socket connector. You will be amazed what else this 2-pole IP68 connector has to offer you: Its small surface is used to its maximum ability. The TH381 still provides for a cable diameter of 8,3mm. That makes this connector still perfectly suitable for covering...

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New Ilme CX6/12 ideal for combined power and signal transfer

28 September 2017

The new Ilme CX6/12 is a combined contact insert for housing size '77.27' . This crimp insert is ideal for the combination of power and signal transfer in one single connector. De CX6/12 is suitable for all housing series that Ilme offers and available in two designs: 6 poles 40A / 690 V for crimp contacts CX-40A 12 poles 10A / 230/400V for crimp contacts CD-10A

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TH387 5-pole connector is latest addition to Techno xDRY

15 September 2017

The new Techno TH387 5-pole plug & socket connector further completes the xDRY connector range that up to now was only available in a 2,3 or 4 pole version. The 5-pole TH387 connector has been developed on frequent request within the market as it combines power supply and control in one connector making it the ideal connector solution for LED lighting applications. Power supply & control combined within 23mm In addition, the 5-pole TH387 connector features all benefits that...

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Challenge us with your special cable assembly requests

14 September 2017

A&C Solutions is a true specialist that fully customizes any e-bike assembly or connector design. Our priority is to find the right solution that puts a concept or system fully in place. You’re at the right address when you need: Special cable lengths Customized splitter cables A combination of multiple connector brands into one cable assembly INTEGRATION OF CHARGING CABLES The use of charging cables for accessories on E-bikes is growing. Therefore, we recently added...

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Check out our new E-mobility brochure!

31 August 2017

The range of Higo connectors has expanded substantially over the past couple of years. Reason enough to put all these connector designs together again in an updated brochure. Our new E-mobility brochure will give you a complete overview of signal, main cable, motor & battery connectors including splitter & cable assembly possibilities. Check it out now! download brochure

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Higo launches complete range of battery connectors for 48V systems

17 August 2017

48V systems are leading the way in the world of Light Electrical Vehicles. Ever more power is needed for E-bikes to go faster and to carry more weight. 3 new battery connector designs To support this trend, Higo recently finalized a complete range of battery connectors dedicated to 48V systems. This range, known as Z624 B, consists out of a straight male cable connector, an angled male cable connector and a female panel mount version. The connector contains 2 contacts of 45A...

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New Higo 45A battery connector for heavy & high speed pedelecs

17 August 2017

The need for increased power connectors definitely tops the list of today's requests from customers. Various e-bike players in the European market are requesting the development of a high current (45A) battery connector. The e-bike battery connectors commonly used today can only handle up to 25A which is not enough to drive high-speed pedelecs and e-bikes. The main target group for this connector will be the E-MTB´s and the heavier/high speed pedelecs used in for example...

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No more assembly mistakes with the colour coded M12 connectors from Shieldbly mistakes

03 November 2016

Being able to provide customized connectors is something that can be taken literally with Shield. Shield's M12 connectors are now also available in a number of different key codings. In this way, Shield helps customers to prevent assembly and maintenance mistakes from occurring. Besides this, different coloured connectors are also there to help easy matching, especially when plugs and sockets are positioned in difficult places for the operator. The M12 connectors are avaible...

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Simply joining multiple signals into one cable with Shield's Y Splitter

22 September 2016

Joining the signals from 2 different sensors or electrovalves into one cable is easy with Shield's M12 to M12 Y Splitter. Shield also provides thee flexibility to replace each connector with a cable or to exchange between male and female connectors.

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Insulation Piercing technology now also available for coax cable

01 September 2016

The development of the new IPC-2-1-T surface mount coax cable connector is based on Zierick’s award winning insulation piercing technology (IPC). Zierick’s newest insulation piercing connector allows for the simultaneous termination of multiple RG174/U or RG316/U coax cables. How does it work? First, these IPC connectors are surface mounted to the PCB. After reflow, the outer jacket is removed and the braid is stripped at approximately 6,35mm in one single operation....

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Shield's electronic boxes now also with lighting information

11 August 2016

Shield now also offers distriboxes with lighting arrows or coloured signals. This compact, weightless distribox is waterproof and offers a high efficiency and low consumption. Just like the rest of Shield’s range of distriboxes, the design can be custom made upon request.

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Quick data transmission and high power processing with new Hummel M23 hybrid connector

25 June 2016

Hummel recently completed its M23 range with a hybrid connector series offering a fully integrated solution for Industrial Ethernet applications. This extraordinary hybrid connector allows for the simultaneous transmission of power, signals and Ethernet. It easily reaches a speed of 500 Mbits/s. This is achieved thanks to the possibility to connect individual shieldings separately thereby preventing cross talking. The M23 hybrid connector combines data transmission per CAT...

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Zierick's wire gripper, when quality and reliability prevail

08 April 2016

Apart from de 1286 insulation piercing terminal, Zierick also offers other smart WtB connectors that offer a perfect alternative for the traditional soldering process. Take the 1262 & 1301 wire gripper. As the name already indicates, the Zierick wire gripper actually ‘grabs’ the wire upon entry and fixes it perfectly into position. Also the wire gripper has been designed for processing through an automated process. With the help of a pick and place machine you are...

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Zierick Surface Mount Insulation Piercing connectors UL certified

08 April 2016

Zierick recently obtained Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Recognition on its’ series of Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Terminals. These connectors can be used in a variety of WtB applications including Solid State Lighting, Industrial Control and Automotive Electronics. The connectors allow Surface Mount placement and are designed to connect to wires with outside diameters of 1,14mm to 3,30mm sizes – generally covering wire gauges from 14 to 22AWG. These components are...

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Provertha M12 D-code approved for DIN standards

03 March 2016

Provertha is the leading brand within A&C Solutions' portfolio known to develop and manufacture connectors suitable for the use in data networks that are exposed to extremely severe environmental conditions such as heat, vibrations, cold, dampness etc. Because of Provertha's dedication to quality and reliability, products are regularly tested by certified testing centers.Recently Provertha's M12 D-code was subjected to vibration, shock and corrosive gas testing and was...

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