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Low-noise power supply specialist

The Japanse firm Daitron has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high-quality electronic components, semiconductors, embedded systems and power supplies for over 65 years. One of Daitron’s niche specialties is its range of low-noise switching power supplies for measuring instruments and medical devices with high precision. Daitron is a forerunner in this field thanks to the application of its unique ‘soft switching’ technology. This technology makes sure that the level of noise remains limited. This enhances the accuracy of measuring results substantially.

Unique soft switching technology

For very critical and sensitive applications, a linear power supply is therefore often the obvious choice. The unique technology of Daitron (soft switching) combines the advantages of switching power supplies such as compact design, light weight and high efficiencies with the following unique properties:

  • Very low output ripple
  • Very low EMI emissions via both conduction and radiation
  • Low leakage currents


10% noise level compared to standard power supplies

Daitron has succeeded in substantially reducing the noise level to less than 10% compared to standard power supplies. Also the EMI emission is far below the EN550022 Class B level. This makes it easier to implement the unit in your application and to perform compliance tests.

Daitron low-noise power supplies are very suitable for the following applications:

  • Sensitive measuring and control instruments
  • Electron microscopes
  • Medical imaging and diagnosis
  • Audio and video

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Ultra low noise power supplies from Daitron

In response to market demand for noise reduction, Daitron developed a low-noise, compact, lightweight, and high-efficiency switching power supply. They are ideal for applications that require noise reduction. This video shows you the complete offer and the USP's of the range.

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