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Industry leader in solderless terminals

A&C Solutions is proud to have JST as one of the top 10 connector manufacturers worldwide on board. JST (Japanese Solderless Terminals) was established in 1957 and has built an impressive track record within the electronics industry throughout the years. JST was the first manufacturer ever to bring solderless terminals to the market.

Continuous in-house innovation 

Nowadays, JST offers an extensive range of SMT, through-hole technology, wire-to-board, wire-to-wire and board-to-board connector solutions, all manufactured in-house.  In a time where connector solutions are becoming smaller and smaller and new technologies lead the way, JST maintains its leadership position in innovation, automation and quality. 

Small high power LED connectors

With the growing popularity of LED lighting, we notice that fixtures become ever-smaller and more sophisticated. LED lighting manufacturers therefore prefer to use a compact connector range that offers a great variety of possibilities to match the requirements of their LED designs. Although the space for the connector is limited, the requested rated current often remains high. This is what makes LED connectors from JST so interesting as they combine a small design with relatively high rated currents.

Depending on the fixture, you can choose from:

  • Very small pitches, going from 1,1 mm to 4 mm
  • Great variety in rated currents, ranging from 1A to 4A
  • Plug in at the top, bottom or side and
  • Various circuits possibilities
JST videos
Take a look behind the scenes at JST Japan

JST is well-known for bringing the world’s smalles IDC and coaxial connectors to the market. All tools and technologies behind these connectors are developed in-house. Find out in this movie what JST’s innovative production process and internal organisation really looks like.

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