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Nextys, originally a Swiss company, is driven by innovation and focuses entirely on creating intelligent DIN-rail power supply modules. They have wide range of products, distinguished by their unique specifications.  Increasing numbers of customers are attracted to Nextys because of the incredibly compact housings and the fully configurable or programmable units but particularly because of the reliability and flexibility of their products. As well as industrial power supplies, Nextys offers a very wide range of battery chargers and DC-UPS modules.

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Nextys has progressed rapidly over the last few years when it comes to digital power supply solutions, and successfully too, as the market welcomed the recent launch of the POWERMASTER software package with open arms. POWERMASTER makes it possible to set up and monitor a device remotely, including via Android.

Nextys' digital power supply solutions offer extensive communication functions via USB or MODBUS, enabling Nextys power supplies to be perfectly integrated in numerous intelligent systems.

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Discover the intelligent & compact DIN Rail power supplies of niche player Nextys

Sales manager Jan Van Dijck provides you an overview of what power supply specialist Nextys can offer you. Nextys is especially strong in compact DIN Rail power supplies for higher power and intelligent designs. Besides that, Nextys offers an extensive range of battery chargers and DC-UPS modules. For more information regarding the possibilities for your application, please contact us through We are happy to help you.

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