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Adels AC 164 now comes with ENEC and UL approval

18 October 2022

The next generation installation connector range has now been certified with the ENEC and the UL approval. These 2 to 5 pole components and matching cables comply with the stringent requirements of EN 61535 and are very compact.

Little brother of well-know AC 166® range

The Adels AC164 series is only half the size of its “big brother” AC166® but still offers the same advantages for flexible installations.

Thanks to the small dimensions this “plug & play” solution is now perfectly suited for large lighting projects for offices, buildings, shopping centres etc. The huge time pressure that these projects are subject to is seriously decreased because labour intensive tasks such as measuring, dismantling, stripping and terminating are no longer necessary. Besides, its modulair system allows the re-use of components in case of reconstruction work.

The AC 164 tall connector design without strain relief is unique and ideally suited for the installation in luminaires and appliances with little space.

For more technical information, download the specs of the standard 2 to 5 pole versions.

AC 164 2-pole version

AC 164 3-pole version

AC 164 4-pole version

AC 164 5-pole version