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Adels expands popular AC166® series with H- and HH-distributors

08 September 2020

Speed, reliability and safety are the main characteristics of a state-of-the-art electrical installation. Building installation connectors of the Adels-Contact AC 166® series have been a perfect solution for many years. Now, that product range has been supplemented by new distributors with various installation options.

New Adels H- and HH-distributors offer extra advantages

You use the Adels AC166® H-distributor to distribute the power over fixtures and / or wall sockets. It offers the following additional benefits:

  • Compact construction with horizontal entry and exits only. To be connected in one direction. This requires limited space.
  • Fast & neat installation because the cables run in parallel.
  • All entries and exits are fitted with a lock.
  • Economical solution compared to the T-distributors.

Both offer 1 entry and 3 and 5 exits respectively. The H-distributors can be used as an addition or alternative to the current T-distributor range. And they interchangeable with any other common distributor in the market.

Various mounting possibilities offer increased flexibility at installation

Adels AC166® H-distributors can be combined with the following mounting options:

  • Combination with Schnabl. The dividers are adapted to the Schnabl mounting system. You click the nails in place and mount the distributor directly on concrete, on a cable tray or sink pipe plate.
  • Adels mounting adapter. The new mounting adapter allows you to mount the H- and HH-distributors on common mounting panels of cable support systems.
  • Fastening with 2 screws. This variant is mainly used for mounting in wood, e.g. in booth construction.

These options give you the flexibility to choose the most suitable combination depending on the installation. For more information on the Adels AC166®, contact our lighting specialists, or

Download the technical information here

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