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Provertha M12 D-code approved for DIN standards

03 March 2016

Provertha is the leading brand within A&C Solutions' portfolio known to develop and manufacture connectors suitable for the use in data networks that are exposed to extremely severe environmental conditions such as heat, vibrations, cold, dampness etc. Because of Provertha's dedication to quality and reliability, products are regularly tested by certified testing centers.

Recently Provertha's M12 D-code was subjected to vibration, shock and corrosive gas testing and was approved on DIN EN 61373 and DIN EN 61076-2-101.

Vibration and shock testing

The vibration and shock test of the M12 D-code connector was performed based on DIN EN 61373 category 1, class B. For all three spatial directions the hardest test conditions were chosen.  The M12 D-code was exposed to extremely strong vibrations in a frequency range between 5 Hz and 150 Hz for over 15 hours, thereby forces of up to 5 G occurred. The electric contact could be guaranteed at any point during the test process. When assessing the connector after the vibration and shock tests, no cracks, breaks, deformations or other mechanical damage was detected.

Corrosive gas testing

The corrosive gas testing was performed based on the standard DIN EN 60068-2-60 method 4. In this process, the M12 D-code was exposed to different temperatures, humidity ranges and gases such as sulphur dioxides or nitrogen oxides for over 96 hours. During the assessment of the connector after the corrosive gas testing no cracks, break-outs, deformations or other mechanical damage were detected. The measurements of the contact resistances before and after the corrosive gas testing showed no significant changes.


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