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Quick data transmission and high power processing with new Hummel M23 hybrid connector

09 January 2024

Hummel's M23 hybrid connector range offers a fully integrated solution for Industrial Ethernet applications. This extraordinary hybrid connector allows for the simultaneous transmission of power, signals and Ethernet. It easily reaches a speed of 500 Mbits/s. This is achieved thanks to the possibility to connect individual shieldings separately thereby preventing cross talking. The M23 hybrid connector combines data transmission per CAT 5e standards with high power processing upto 28A and 630V.

Only one connector for communication between machine and product

The Hummel M23 hybrid connector perfectly meets the growing need within the automation industry to simultaneously exchange data and communication between machinery and products. Until now, many industrial applications used two or sometimes even three connectors to combine both. By switching to the all-in-one Hummel M23 hybrid connector, customers will now be able to save space and reduce storage & maintenance costs at the same time.

Ready for heavy industrial use

During the development of the new hybrid connector line, quality was Hummel’s number one focus. The line therefore meets the highest requirements on robustness and industrial suitability. It offers vibration & water resistance with a guaranteed protection of IP67 / IP69K. Besides the standard materials, die cast and brass, the new connectors are also available in stainless steel (AISI 316L).

Housing and locking of your choice

In addition, the new hybrid connector also enables a quick and easy assembly and offers a great deal of flexiblity to choose any housing within the M23 range. This series is available with the classic screw connection or with the ingenious TWILOCK quick-release fastening system. As you can see, the Hummel M23 hybrid connector has it all and is flexible to meet your specific requirements. For more information: ….