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Techno launches smallest IP68 screw connector

30 September 2017

The latest addition to the Techno connector range is the TH381 micronnect connector. With a cross-section of only 14 mm, the TH381 connector is even more compact than its 23mm “big” brother, the TH387 plug & socket connector. You will be amazed what else this 2-pole IP68 connector has to offer you:

  • Its small surface is used to its maximum ability. The TH381 still provides for a cable diameter of 8,3mm. That makes this connector still perfectly suitable for covering longer distances in outdoor projects like bridge lighting, architectural lighting and fountain lighting.
  • The TH381 offers you a choice between two locking systems. The safe-lock system is a permanent locking that can only be released with the help of a tool. Depending on the application, you can also opt for the manual release design. By simply pushing a small tab the connection is unmated. 
  • You don’t have to fear installation errors anymore. The gaskets are moulded to the contact block which prevents leakage and therefore installation errors.
  • Because of its plug & play connection, the TH381 connector is quick and easy to install
  • Finally, an anti-rotation system makes sure that the connector does not unscrew unexpectedly.

With the TH381 connector, Techno does not only have the smallest IP68 plug & socket screw connector at hand. It further excels in areas like safety, reliability and user-friendliness.

Besides the plug & socket design, the TH381 is also available as a panel mount version.

Would you like to test the TH381 connector yourself? Just contact us by clicking here.

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