Combining D-sub cables with special cables

Combining D-sub cables with special cables

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Measurement & control equipment


For this application, A&C Solutions composed a set of special cables. These hybrid cables consist of two versions: one combines  types of coax cables with data wires and the other version combines different types of coax cables. Both version have been brought together into one complete cable. These tailor-made cables are already available from 200 metres and can be printed with your company logo.

With these hybrid cables, different assemblies have been worked out with a D-sub HD connector to a banana plug. The D-sub connector has been specifically moulded to prevent breakdown at high frequency signals. A&C Solutions has completely designed this project according to the customer's specifications and further optimized it to a product that nowadays is still widely used by customers in various industries.


Provertha D-sub connectors & hybrid special cables