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0.205" (5.21mm) and 0.250" (6.35mm) Tab Receptacles

  • Mating type Vertical
  • Without dimple


  • Loose
  • Reeled
  • reeled
Article Number 1154 1225
Remark* With steel test tab With steel test tab
Extra Description Without dimple Without dimple
Mating Terminal Size 0.250" x 0.025" (6.35mm x 0.64mm) Tab or Fuse 0.250" x 0.032" (6.35mm x 0.81mm) Tab
Material Thickness / Type 0.016" (0.41mm) C26000 Brass 0.016" (0.41mm) C26000 Brass
Standard Finish 100% Tin over Copper 100% Tin over Copper
Current Rating 20 Amperes (with Brass Tab) 20 Amperes (with Brass Tab)
Applicator System Loose: ZPT81-A Reeled: Model 9700, 9700 XY Loose: ZPT81-A Reeled: Model 9700, 9700 XY
Mounting Type Outward or Inward Splay Outward or Inward Splay
Mounting Hole Diameter 0.058" ±0.003" (1.473mm ±0.076mm) on 0.200" ±0.003" (5.08mm ±0.076mm) centers 0.058" ±0.003" (1.473mm ±0.076mm) on 0.200" ±0.003" (5.08mm ±0.076mm) centers
Resistance Rating 10mOhm Max 10mOhm Max
Mating Entry Top Top
Temperature Rating -65° to 85°C -65° to 85°C
Insertion Force-max. 5.0 lbs. (22.24N)* 10.0 lbs. (44.48N)*
Withdrawal Force-max. 1.5 lbs. (6.73N)* 1.5 lbs. (6.73N)*
Pieces Per Reel (loose Part No.) NA NA
Pieces Per Reel (reeled Part No.) / /
Product sheet Download product sheet Download product sheet
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