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International standard IEC 61076-2-012 for M12 Push-pull with inner locking available now

19 October 2020

The push-pull version of the M12 connector with inner locking from Yamaichi Electronics is the very first M12 push-pull design to have been defined as an international standard (IEC 61076-2-012). This means that M12 push-pull design-ins are possible now for M12 push-pull systems, without requiring the use of proprietary solutions.

From the beginning, Yamaichi Electronics has been setting a new standard with the M12 push-pull design with inner locking. The cable-side connector engages into the M12 socket from the inside with locking hooks. Despite this mechanism, the push-pull system still requires only the same installation space as a common M12 connection with screw locking.


With this technology, it is possible to insert the M12 socket fully into the application or M12 distribution box, so it aligns flush with the housing. The system is IP65/IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and features a seal that allows it to be used with both an M12 screw version and a push-pull connector.


The long hooks fix firmly behind the screw thread, forming an extremely robust mechanical connection that is perfectly capable of resisting any torsional stress and rotational forces. The push-pull system also saves considerable time during installation, as the connection is made by blind plugging without requiring a tool. Plus, all of this is in accordance with the M12 standard specifications.


During international standardisation, the industry standard requirements were defined in relation to integration in the application or distribution box as well as functionality. This has proven to be the ideal basis for creating cross-manufacturer compatibility. The immediate result of this, therefore, has been the rapid implementation of the IEC 61076-2-012. 


The panel section can still be combined with conventional M12 connectors with screw locking. This means that users do not necessarily have to rely on a special cable connector, and they can therefore remain flexible.

The M12 push-pull connector from Yamaichi was developed and manufactured in Germany and is available in the Benelux from A&C Solutions. See it in action

For further information, watch the product video and download the product sheet below. And please do not hesitate to contact our connector specialists if you have any questions

Download the Yamaichi M12 push-pull brochure


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