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High protection in-line and junction, Anti condensation

  • Mini-distribution unit
  • 4 ways

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Number Of Poles

  • 4 (15A)
Article Number THB.392.R4A THP.392.R4A
Number Of Contacts 4 (15A) 4 (15A)
Protection Degree IP68 3 bar IP68 3 bar
Upper Temperature +125 C° +125 C°
Lower Temperature -40 C° -40 C°
Rated Voltage 450 V 450 V
Rated Current 17.5 A 17.5 A
Contact Terminal End barrier contact Piercing clip terminals max 1,5 mm²
Terminals Screw Piercing
Cable Section max. 4,0 mm² 0,5 - 1,5 mm²
Nm 8,0 - 12,0 8,0 - 12,0
Cable Entries/exits 4 ways 4 ways
T Marking T85 °C T85 °C
Protection Degree Details 30 m / 2 h 30 m / 2 h
Tracking Index PTI 250 PTI 250
Cable Glands PA66 UL94 V2 PA66 UL94 V2
Terminal Block Housing PA66 GF UL94 V0 GWT 960°C black - grey RAL 7035 PA66 GF UL94 V0 GWT 960°C black - grey RAL 7035
Grommets TPE Green TPE Green
Co-moulded Seals TPE Green TPE Green
Contact Screw Terminals Brass nickel plated Brass nickel plated
Standard / Piercing Screws M3 steel zinc plated M3 steel brass plated
Standards EN60529:1991+A1:2000 EN60998-1:2004 EN60998-2-1:2004 EN60998-2-3:2004 EN60529:1991+A1:2000 EN60998-1:2004 EN60998-2-1:2004 EN60998-2-3:2004
Characteristics differ between variants of a connector