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High density, from 6 to 15 sockets, 1 signal each socket

  • Without LED

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Socket Quantity

  • 6
  • 9
  • 12
  • 15
Article Number SK332N7 00100 242 5000
Number Of Contacts 3
Protection Degree IP65*
Upper Temperature +80 C°
Lower Temperature -25 C°
Housing Material TPU
Circuits Without LED
Housing Oil Resistance Very good
Contact Material Nickel & golden plated CuZn
Locking Nut Material Brass nickel plated
Voltage With Pollution Degree 3 Vdc ** 1 to 60
Max. Currrent 6 A for common wires, 3 A each socket A @40°C
Control Type Cable
Coding A
Connected Terminals 1= V+, 3= V-, 4= A signal
Remark The protection degree level is guaranteed only when correctly assembled with Shield's couterpart
Remark * The allowed voltage depends also from the pollution degree of the working environment, therefore by the contamination risk of gaseous, liquid or solid foreign matter 2= only non-conductive pollution and occasionally tempory condensation, 3= wet or dry conductive pollution
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